by Tara Stuart

A Ñoquis Story
In Argentina, the family truly is a central unit and they love to enjoy meals together as much as possible. Ñoquis is a very traditional food whose roots date back to the 13th century. From Italy this delicious pasta dumpling dish traveled over the Atlantic to find Argentines who fell in love with it and made it their own. It is made from potatoes often topped with a rich white or red sauce and melted cheese. Today, many Argentines have a tradition of eating this dish at the end of every month, the 29th to be exact. There are several theories of where this tradition came from. The most plausible comes from a story about housewives in the 1970’s who made the tradition widespread. At the end of the month, Ñoquis is a less expensive dish to prepare than steak when bills are due and payday has not yet arrived!
(noquis )

Italy has contributed many distinct foods to Argentina. Spain has also, but since it was the Spanish who first settled in the region, more of the culinary traditions of Spain have stuck with Argentine cuisine.

Italian Foods
  • Pizza--in Argentina, a common topping is eggs
  • Pastas
    • Ñoquis (gnocchi)--dates back to the 13th century
    • lasagna
    • canneloni
    • ravioli
    • spaghetti
  • Ice Cream-flavors such as dulce de leche
  • Papas Fritas
  • empanadas-little meat pies (see picture below)
  • Crunchy salads-Argentines are not too big on green vegetables
  • Milanesa-breaded steak often eaten with mayonaisse
  • tomato sauces, parmesan cheese
  • Wines
Spanish Foods
  • Wine
  • Flan
  • Beef preparation practices
photo taken by Tara Stuart in San Nicolas, Argentina July 2008

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